Eco Certification. EQO

Eco certificate is an official confirmation that:

- Products are ecologically clean and do not harm the environment
- The content of substances hazardous to health does not exceed the established standards

This document guarantees that the products are safe and their quality is high.

Eco certification raises the awareness about the product and significantly improves brand image.

Are you selling Eco Products? Show it to all consumers!

58% of consumers are interested in Eco-certificates on product labels and 12% regularly buy such products.

Consumers are ready to pay extra for environmentally friendly products from 15% to 35%, depending on their category.

28% sales growth for 3 years, which is 22% more than a similar store without using Eco-labels.

EQO Certificate - exclusive standard from QCERTS

EQO certification is a detailed study of the internal composition of products, an assessment of eco parameters (harmful substances) and the strength of their impact on the human body based on many years of research. Further mathematical convolution of the obtained data into a single value “Eco Score“.

Eco Score - value of Eco-Friendliness

Why is eco-certification a foundation for Green Marketing?

Without eco-certifications, green marketing claims might need to be supported by a longer process for potential buyers or patrons. Buyers might need to refer to third party opinions and research that do not have a standard format and require longer deliberation by the buyer.

As a green process benefits not only the seller and the buyer but the public at large, an eco-certification is additionally a sign of the investment of authorized third parties in encouraging greener transactions.

Eco-certifications also provide a summary of product information by the use of a simple seal or label, which saves additional time and effort.

When ordering Eco Certification, you will receive:

With the value of eco-friendliness of your products

Based on documents, data and calculations we got a result from.

Effective and easy to understand eco-labels for marketing communications; help with its placement and design for printing.

The certificate can always be checked in an open registry

In case of a change in the content, suppliers and product data, during the validity period of the certificates, we will update the data and reissue the certificate free of charge

We undertake the delivery of all documentation and provide all the necessary closing documents for accounting


Why order Eco Certification?

– Raises the awareness about the product
– Significantly improves brand image
– Increases the attractiveness of products (services) for customers
– Allows you to objectively argue for price increases
– Provides the basis for appropriate product labeling (eco-labeling and quality labeling)

The Certification in few steps



You send the completed application for eco certification. Next, we send you a list of required documents.



Signing the contract, a key step to your engagement with QCERTS



Based on the results of the analysis of the submitted materials, the value of eco-friendliness is calculated and all information for the certificate and research methods are prepared and sent to the customer for the approval.



The customer, if necessary, adds corrections and sends it to our team. Makes payment in any convenient way agreed with the accounting department to the personal account of the Contractor and sends a copy of the payment document.

contract (1)


We have issued your certificate. At this point, you can place the eco-logo on your labels.

Ready to certify your product or still have questions?

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