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Partner Program

The QCERTS Partner Program is our framework for a joint working relationship.

Our goal is to add committed partners, who recognize the explosive growth and value of the Eco Certification, and want to work with us to drive new standards of certification in the market.

Our program offers:

  • A wide range of sales and training development courses to rapidly achieve competency and certification in a market leading solution
  • Competitive discount allowances tied to annual product revenue achievements
  • Commitment from us to work with you in any sales situations as well as to develop and execute plans that help drive greater awareness and pipeline development.

This is an explosive market where together we can truly drive a mutual profitable business model while delivering best-in-class solution to our valued customers.

Partner Levels

The QCERTS Parnet Program is comprised of four Partner Levels; Gold, Silver, Bronze and Referral. Each level provides unique benefits matched to the Partners Annual sales and Accreditation Requirements. Annual sales volumes are measured in end-user pricing as detailed in the QCERTS Price list. Each partner level is designed to recognize and reward our partner’s investment in QCERTS.

Value Added Resellers

Value-Added Reseller, a cornerstone of our partner community, are responsible for selling and supporting our solutions in the market. Partners in this category are entitled to a wide variety of partner benefits, including industry-leading discounts and marketing support based on annual commitment levels and certification achievements.

Advisories and Alliance Partners

Partners in this category support the QCERTS within their respective markets and can look to QCERTS to support them in both sales and support efforts. These partners also enjoy access to the QCERTS Partner Program and participation in available sales and technology certification programs.

Systems Integrators

Systems Integration Partners can either participate in QCERTS reselling programs or simply provide consulting and integration services. Either way, Systems Integrators can enjoy the benefits of our program and the support of QCERTS’s sales and support teams while having access to all partner training and certification.

Co-Selling Partners

QCERTS enjoys a wide variety of partners who wish to work with QCERTS to influence large opportunities but do not wish to build a practice around QCERTS. Providing insight and access to accounts and opportunities is of value to QCERTS and these partners can participate in the success of new logo opportunity acquisition.

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QCERTS is committed to building and leading the market with our partners. We are focused on building the best service in Eco-Certification and we would like to drive this with dedicated and committed partners.

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